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Glass objects
Coloring books for kids - 7 titles
Black Bastet, The Goddess Eset, The Sleep of Spouses, Nudity will not save me
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- Portraiture order (in the studio or from a photograph)


- Portraits, figure, still life, scenery, egyptian mythology


- Oil painting, tempera, acrylic, watercolor, pencil drawing, charcoal, pen, linocut


- Graphic templates

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Glass objects

Glass with high aesthetic value and almost unlimited lifetime.
During the manufacturing of glass objects used 3D Surround laser applications in glass with red zircon.
Even the ancient Egyptians already knew the glass and used it not only for visual rendering, eg. In the eyes sculptures, but also in everyday life.

Coloring books for kids

Coloring books for kids - I created a series of 7 coloring books for a small, receptive viewer to bring him closer, for him the fabulous world of animals, queens, pharaohs, flowers, symbols and buildings. I come from true forms of immutable Egyptian art. I want to make fanaticism in children, with colors and differences, so that they can also get to know and dream.


Pencil, pen, charcoal

Oil painting, acrylic, watercolor

A4 1.000 CZK A4 1.700 CZK
A3 1.600 CZK A3 2.800 CZK
A2 2.500 CZK A2 4.200 CZK
A1 3.200 CZK A1 5.500 CZK

GLASS - glass manufacturer GlassTech - Zelezny Brod

Nefertiti small - 120 mm
Home ruby zircon with brilliant-cut
1.800 CZK
Nefertiti large - 300 mm
Home ruby zircon with brilliant-cut
14.000 CZK (točna - 1.055 CZK)
Pyramid big - 100 mm Bastet - Gold 1.300 CZK
Pyramid small - 80 mm Bastet - Gold 1.100 CZK
Glass painting - Bastet A4
Home in a metal rack with lighting
7.000 CZK
Glass painting - Anubis A3
Home in a metal rack with lighting
12.000 CZK
Attachments (CZK 280 stands and turntables - CZK 248 with a visual effect)
Catalog 50 CZK
Textile Bag 40 CZK

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Alena Vitáková

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