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"Do not be proud of your knowledge and do not trust that you are a scholar. Get advice from the ignorant as well as from the knowing, because there is no limit to the art, and no artist has his excellence entirely! "

The teachings of Vizier Ptahhotep from 4 400 years ago.

The art of Egypt is really charming. The charm is very deep and hides a strong potential of energy, which is partly open and partly still unsuspected. Thanks to it, I really adore this art and I worship

for its artists. Egypt - together with its original art has become an infinite inspiration for me.

The millennial egyptian culture went through a long evolution which was influenced by various cultures. For example the mining Crete or the mesopotamian civilizations. I have visited Egypt and the Museum of Cairo many times. I have seen the queen Nefertiti’s bust in the Museum of art in

Berlin “face to face” and at the moment, I am working on creation of it.


When expressing the egyptian mythology, I am using techniques like acryl, oil, watercolor,  drawing, linocut, collage and other.

The old Egyptians used glass in their daily life and also for artistic purposes (for example externalization of eyes in plastics). I also create the egyptian motives from the Czech crystal or with the 3D laser.

I have also created a seven-part cycle of a coloring book for children that brings the children closer to this important part of history.



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