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„Do not be proud of your knowledge and do not count on it that you´re the expert, but glad to be ignorant like a sage. Border art is not achieved and there is an artist who would be equipped with perfection!“

Enrollment vizier Ptahhotep dating from before 4400 years ago.

I devote to painting since I was 14 years old.

After graduation, I worked as a scenographer, later I secured domestic and international exhibitions and trade fairs as a guarantor. Late 80´s I began to independently exhibit and I also started interest in the culture of Egypt, which I have in years 1999 to 2005 repeatedly visited. This beautiful country I like for its millennial culture and totally captivated me. Respectful bow before its charming art. In each piece of artwork is hidden a huge energy potential. We can admire and learn from these old masters.

For me, Egypt became the neverending inspiration.


From 2016, new processing glass objects on the theme of Egypt.

When producing my glass objects were used spatial 3D laser glass. For some objects it is applied red zircon.

If interested, you can also add backlight. Czech glass with high aesthetic value and almost unlimited lifetime corresponds to my artistic ideas.

Even the ancient Egyptians already knew the glass and used it not only for visual rendering, eg. In the eyes sculptures, but also in everyday life.





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